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New Microsoft Patent Wants to Change the Way People Video Conference

by Brandon Russell | April 25, 2012April 25, 2012 8:00 am PST

Microsoft body tracking systemA new Microsoft patent revealed recently suggests the Redmond company wants to create a more natural video conferencing experience by using advanced Kinect technology. By implementing a “body scanning system,” Microsoft’s tech will apparently “be trained to follow the user’s body within a given space,” PatentBolt wrote. Now, those on camera will not be required to stay in one place, but will still be kept in the center of the camera’s frame.

For this to work, Microsoft’s body tracking system will automatically follow the position of a user’s head, neck and shoulders, while also tracking lateral and depth movement in relation to the space they’re in. Microsoft previously enlisted help from London-based Bodymetrics, whose technology allows Kinect to scan a consumer’s body in a matter of seconds; the very same tech may well be used for video conferencing.

[via Patent Bolt]

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