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Former Nokia Exec Says CEO Stephen Elop “Is Struggling”

by Mark Hearn | April 25, 2012April 25, 2012 3:45 pm PST

While the Nokia Lumia 900 is doing well here in the U.S., the Finnish phone maker’s latest effort isn’t exactly wowing everybody. In fact, Nokia’s former Senior Vice President of Symbian Series 60, Lee Williams, is questioning CEO¬†Stephen Elop’s current strategy. In an interview with CNET, Williams suggested that Elop’s decision to switch from Nokia’s well established Symbian to Windows Phone may have been a costly mistake.

“When I was at Nokia and we shipped a Symbian product and it was bad, in its worst incarnation we knew that if we just flipped the switch, we could move 2.5 to three million units — overnight, no matter how bad the product,” William said. “And now look at it — they flipped the switch and oh, 200,000 [Windows Phone] units out of the gate. Huh? Only selling in the US, under AT&T’s moniker. If you can’t flip the switch like that, Nokia’s dead and devalued.”

Williams isn’t completely against Windows Phone, but he feels that Nokia shouldn’t have bet so big on Microsoft. Williams think Nokia’s board will give Elop about six months to a year to find the right course of correction, which he believes can be reached.

“I’m confident they’ll be able to course correct and that they have the kind of assets and talent left to be able to do something here. I don’t see them going out in a firesale,” Williams said. “I think what will happen is they’ll sell off some divisions, and/or will simply gut leadership quickly and change course a little bit, back in the direction of where they were going.”

[via: CNET]

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