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Samsung Launches Galaxy S III Teaser Site, Countdown Ends This Morning

Galaxy S III Next Galaxy teaser site

If you weren’t already hopping with excitement for the Galaxy S III, then check out this new teaser page from Samsung that suggests something big is coming this morning. The site is located at — an anagram of “The Next Galaxy” — with a countdown that ends in just one hour.

Of course, Samsung has been referring to its Galaxy S III as the “Next Galaxy” since it sent out invites for its May 3 press event last week, so it’s clear that the site is related to this device. Furthermore, the site’s favicon is a blue circle with a big white ‘S’ in the middle.

While the page doesn’t give away much right now, if you dig a little deeper there are hints at a new display. Android Community notes that if you visit the site and then check out the page’s source, there’s a reference to “Retina,” in addition to the following quote:

Discover how Samsung is about to challenge the way you view the GALAXY once more.

That seems to strengthen the rumor that claims the Galaxy S III will get a high-resolution Super AMOLED Plus display, similar to that featured in its cousin, the Galaxy Nexus.

When the countdown does end, what we’ll get from Samsung is a huge mystery. It’s unlikely that the Korean company will provide us with much information about the Galaxy S III after remaining so secretive about it up until now. Instead, it will probably keep its lips tightly sealed until that much-anticipated press event on May 3.

What we may get, according to some reports, is more teasers, possibly some kind of riddle, or even a scavenger hunt. Whatever it is, you can be sure that you’ll hear about it all here on TechnoBuffalo as soon as the countdown ends.

Are you excited?

[via Android Community]

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