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$7 Million Worth of Smartphones Are Lost EVERY DAY (infographic)

Internet security firm Lookout Mobile conducted a study recently, trying to shed light on when and where we typically lose our smartphones. The infographic below offers some interesting tidbits gleaned from the report.

Turns out, it tends to happen during major holidays or festivals. That’s not too shocking — a little too much St. Patty’s Day green beer, Christmas egg nog, or New Year’s champagne can really do a number on those old mental faculties, no? Drilling down further, the researchers also noted that as many as two-thirds of the losses occurred between 9pm and 2am (which also lines up nicely with the boozey revelers theory).

What is more surprising is the volume — $7 million worth of smartphones go missing each day. And over the course of this year, $30 billion in losses are expected. Of them, $14 million are lost on New Year’s, with Christmas trailing behind, at $11 million.

On average, the participants admitted they lose their devices twice a year. And for some reason, the people from Manchester, England stood out as being most likely to lose their handsets.

As for “where” phones tend to go missing: Apparently Philadelphia nabbed the number one spot for being the city where you’re most likely to lose your phone. Again, no surprise. I grew up around Philly, and I know these folks definitely like to celebrate — holidays, seasonal events, Eagles/Flyers/Phillies’ wins… (or any day that end in “y,” etc…).

The takeaway? Don’t drink and be careless with your phone. And if you’re from England, definitely don’t bring it to Philly for the holidays.



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