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Windows Phone 8 Reportedly Being Tested on Nokia Lumia 800

by Todd Haselton | April 19, 2012April 19, 2012 3:30 pm PDT

Nokia Lumia 800 bundle

Windows Phone 8 is at least a few months out, but the new operating system is reportedly being tested on Nokia Lumia 800 devices already. The update is being tested by a Microsoft employee based in the U.S., according to a poster on the China-based forums. Here’s where it gets juicy, though: the Microsoft employee is also reportedly testing Windows Phone 8 on an unreleased device, too. We’re teeming with anticipation to hear more about this device.

As WinRumors suggests, if Windows Phone 8 is indeed already running on a Lumia 800 device, we may see an upgrade made available to devices that are already currently on the market. Recent reports have suggested that won’t happen, though. We’re guessing the first generation Windows Phone 7 devices will be left out of the upgrade, simply because we hope Windows Phone 8 adds features that take advantage of the faster processors in the latest batch of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango phones. We also want to see Microsoft push the platform as far as possible, even if it means leaving first-round adopters in the cold. After all, those users should be up for an upgrade about the time Windows Phone 8 hits anyway.

Still, we imagine Windows Phone 8 will add new features as well, such as NFC, which isn’t currently supported by the Lumia 800 or any other Windows Phone device for that matter.

There are several app compatibility issues, according to the poster, but we imagine developers still have plenty of time to get those bugs ironed out. We haven’t verified any of these rumors, but we’d certainly love in Microsoft issued a Windows Phone 8 update to Windows Phone 7.5 devices. It would certainly show that there’s less fragmentation in Microsoft’s platform than Android, at least.

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