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Prey 2 Delayed; Does Not Meet Bethesda’s Quality Standards

by John Fick | April 19, 2012April 19, 2012 11:30 am PST

The Human Head Studio and Bethesda developed Prey 2 is being pushed back to a post-2012 release date.

Bethesda sent out a press release informing us that the game does not meet its quality standards. Despite being impressed with the potential of the game, Bethesda said that it is “unwilling to compromise [its] quality standards to meet a release schedule.” The release go on to say that it regrets disappointing fans, but feel that this move is the best interest of the game.

Of course this news is a bit of a downer to fans of the original Prey title, but the move says a lot about the integrity of Bethesda and the quality it wants its work to reflect. The fact that it is willing to push back a game because of its dissatisfaction with its development progress shows the company truly cares about the product, and, furthermore, its reputation.

This is Bethesda’s first crack at showing the fans of the original title what can be brought to the table. Bethesda was not a part of the development of the first Prey. This delay is seemingly a good strategic move on its part to make ensure that it doesn’t disappoint.

Hopefully the concerns the company had with the development progress can be straightened out, because it would be a shame to see the sequel to such an impressive title in Prey crumble in the hands of Bethesda.

We can’t tell you when to expect your copy of Prey 2 for the Xbox 360 or PC, but we know it won’t be anytime in 2012. As the development of the game progresses and a release date is set, we will be sure to share the news.

John Fick

A Buffalo, New York student studying journalism. Intern for TechnoBuffalo's Gaming department.