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HTC VP: We’re Moving Away From Megapixel Count, Focusing On Quality

by Todd Haselton | April 19, 2012April 19, 2012 3:00 pm PST

Bjorn KilburnDuring an industry insider event on Thursday, HTC’s vice president of portfolio strategy Björn Kilburn said that HTC is moving away from worrying about how many megapixels are included on the camera sensor in its phones and instead focusing on the overall quality provided by the camera. “With the One Series, we tried to get away from the megapixel count and focus on quality,” Kilburn explained, noting that light makes photography, not the amount of megapixels on a camera.

That’s noticeable in the company’s latest products, too. HTC included its ImageSense engine in the HTC One S, One X and One V, which not only allows users to auto-focus and take photos in rapid fire. It also controls the flash brightness depending on how light or dark a room is. HTC is clearly focusing on how and where its users are deciding to take photos instead of just providing them with a camera sensor that’s capable of taking high-resolution photos. “It’s light that makes photography,” Kilburn said. “It’s knowledge of light that we’re really seeking. Aperture matters more than megapixels. We want out customer to be always ready to capture a moment.

We’ve been blown away by the image quality on HTC’s One-series phones and it’s apparent the company’s research has paid off. And as for Kilburn’s comments about “always being ready to capture a moment?” Well, if a camera that can shoot in 0.7 seconds isn’t proof that the company is really about backing up those claims, what is?

Todd Haselton

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