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Beware: There’s a Fake Instagram App for Android That’s Spreading Malware

Fake Instagram on Android

It’s only been a few weeks since Instagram was introduced to Android users, but reports are beginning to surface suggesting a fake malware-spreading version of the app has been floating around unofficial app stores. The news is not unlike what we saw with Angry Birds Space a week ago.

According to security research firm Sophos, the disguised app — which has been making the rounds on a few websites, including one based in Russia — is capable of pilfering personal information from phones, including text messages. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to avoid downloading the wrong Instagram, as long as you stay within the safe confines of Google Play.

Instagram has been a popular topic these past few weeks. First, the company announced it was acquired by Facebook, and then it revealed Android owners downloaded the app more than 5 million times in six days. It’s no wonder cyber-criminals have the popular photo-sharing social network in their sights.

Basically, be cautious if you plan to pick Instagram up in the future  — or any other app, for that matter. Malware creators have become pretty savvy at disguising malicious apps as legit (see the photo below of a fake Instram from a Russian site). Google Play store: Good. Russian sites with Android apps: Bad.

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