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Insider Claims Existing Windows Phone Devices Won’t Get Apollo Upgrade


If you’re currently rocking a Windows Phone handset, no matter how new it is, you won’t receive the upcoming Windows Phone 8 Apollo upgrade. That’s according to a “trusted source” for The Verge, who insists there will be no upgrade path from Windows Phone 7.5 Mango to Apollo.

The report follows comments made by a developer evangelist for Microsoft, who promised that all Windows Phone devices would receive the “next major version” of the mobile operating system. However, one insider says that’s not the case:

Now, a trusted source close to Microsoft tells us that is absolutely not the case, that instead there will be no upgrade path from Mango to Apollo. This matches up with a previous report from Mary Jo Foley and explains the particular language Microsoft used when it responded to the story earlier today, saying “We have stated publicly that all apps in our Marketplace today will run on the next version of Windows Phone. Beyond that, we have nothing to share about future releases.”

Microsoft’s decision to remain coy and provide its users with no reassurance whatsoever suggests that this particular source for The Verge knows the truth. That’s likely to be a huge blow to Windows Phone users — particularly those who just purchased a new Nokia Lumia 900 — who know that the current Mango release could be their last.

This decision could mean that Windows Phone 8 brings some significant changes to the operating system that Microsoft could use to sell new Windows Phone devices. But that’s unlikely to be any consolation to anyone who’s already purchased a new Windows Phone handset this year.

How will you feel if Windows Phone 8 isn’t available to current Windows Phone devices?

[via The Verge]

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