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Samsung Galaxy S III Will Only be a “Minor Update” With Eye-Tracking, Report Says

Samsung Galaxy S III - Samsung's Most Successful Phone

Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy S III smartphone may not be called the Galaxy S III at all. It may also just be a small update from the current Galaxy S II and will only offer faster speeds and “eye-tracking” a report on Tuesday suggested. This isn’t good news for anyone expecting a major announcement on May 3rd, when Samsung will take the stage in London to unveil the device.

This is all according to Crave, which cites a telecom industry insider in the U.K. “It’ll be like the iPhone 4S was to the 4,” the source explained, noting that consumers should look closely at what the HTC One X offers in order to get a better perspective on the Galaxy S II. That’s a pretty big upgrade from the Galaxy S II, though. The One X offers a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 chip (or the Snapdragon S4 in the United States), incredible camera software, an HD display and more. All of those specs are in-line with what we’ve been expecting, save for reports that the device will be built out of ceramic.

“Don’t expect it to be called the S3,” the source told Crave. We’re not sure why Samsung would want to move away from its Galaxy S naming moniker. The company has seen incredible success with previous models and it only makes sense that its newest phone should carry on the naming tradition. Perhaps it’s saving the “Galaxy S III” moniker for a device that’s still in development? Maybe to take on the iPhone 5? We’re not sure but this part of the report sounds a bit fishy to us.

Samsung will at least add one unique feature, however. Crave said it will add an eye-tracking mechanism called “Human Interaction” that will know if a user is looking at the phone’s display or not. That means the screen won’t automatically lock or power down if you’re reading a long email, for example.

We’ll know all of the details soon enough on May 3rd and will be reporting live from Samsung’s event in London. Stay tuned for more.

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