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Sprint’s Network Vision 4G LTE: Additional Markets Revealed? [Exclusive]

Network Vision Schedule - Screencap

Sprint recently announced several of its first 4G LTE networks and, while this is good news for customers, many may be frustrated that the carrier is releasing 4G LTE devices before its network has a larger footprint. We have good news, however. We have received internal intel revealing that Sprint’s Network Vision deployment is further along than many critics would expect. The internal documents suggest Sprint’s Network Vision campaign has been underway in Akron, Chicago, Fort Worth, Nashville, New York, Rialto and Stockton since late last year. That’s on top of rumors that the network is already live in at least one market, and it also suggests that several of those markets could be the next to receive activation.

Sprint recently revealed its plans to have most of its 3G markets blanketed with 4G LTE 2014. Sprint’s decision to decommission its old iDEN network towers, which it acquired from Nextel, will give it the additional spectrum needed to deploy in several of those markets. The carrier has also said it will have roaming agreements in areas where it won’t offer its own coverage.

As a refresher, Sprint began taking pre-orders for the Galaxy Nexus today, which will simultaneously release on April 22nd with LG’s Viper. The carrier has also announced plans to launch the EVO 4G LTE sometime during the second quarter of this year.

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