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Did Apple Meet With Valve to Discuss Future iTV Options?

Apple TV - Valve Logo
Could Apple’s fabled iTV set (or iPanel) come infused with input from Valve? What a rumor, but that’s exactly what’s churning on the Internet today. And it stems from Apple CEO Tim Cook’s visit to the gaming company last week.

We’re not suggesting Valve is working on a Steam Box. That rumor was already debunked by the Half-Life maker itself. But what if, just maybe, Cook met with Valve’s finest to discuss Apple’s as-of-yet unannounced Siri-powered TV project? According to anonymous sources speaking to Cult of Mac, Apple’s TV set will be ready for games, Kinect-style motion recognition and touch input through a custom remote.

Apple already has the media angle covered with iTunes and its iOS App Store. Why not add Steam’s ecosystem to the picture?

Valve previously said if it were to hop into making hardware, it would rather partner with a vendor instead of going at it alone. Could Apple be that hardware vendor? Tim Cook, CEO of the world’s most valuable company, doesn’t simply visit companies for a personal tour. His visits have purpose, and you can bet his visit to Valve had a meaningful one. What purpose, exactly, remains to be seen.

Of course, Cook’s meeting with Valve could have simply been to strengthen ties over Steam’s support for Mac, as iMore suggested, but why would Apple’s CEO take time out of his day to meet with a firm that makes software arguably used by just a small percentage of Mac users?

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