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Nokia Pushes Out Fix for Lumia 900 Data Connectivity Issue

If your Lumia 900 suffered from data dropouts over the past week, Nokia announced on Friday that relief is here; the company made its promised (and timely) fix live. Users can now enjoy an uninterrupted data connection without worry of cutting out.

Just a few days after the Lumia 900 was released, reports began surfacing regarding a software issue that often lead to lost data connectivity. Nokia acknowledged the problem, and said it would push out an update on or around April 16. In addition, Nokia revealed it would offer a $100 AT&T bill credit to those who purchased (or plan to purchase) the Lumia 900 before April 21.

To pick up the update, users with a Windows PC can go through Zune, while folks with a Mac can find it in Windows Phone 7 Connector. You can read Nokia’s full statement on the new update here.

[via Nokia]

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