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Beware: Trojan Infected Angry Birds Space Hits Unoffical Android App Stores

by Todd Haselton | April 13, 2012April 13, 2012 3:30 pm PST

Fake Angry Birds Space

Sophos, a mobile security firm, recently published an article warning mobile users that there’s a version of Angry Birds Space floating around unofficial app stores that will infect its user’s phone with a Trojan virus.

“The Trojan horse, which Sophos detects asĀ Andr/KongFu-L, appears to be a fully-functional version of the popular smartphone game, but uses the GingerBreak exploit to gain root access to the device, and install malicious code,” Sophos said in a blog post on Friday. Once it’s installed on a user’s phone, the Trojan will reach out to a remote website controlled by its creator and will install additional malware, essentially turning an Android tablet or smartphone into part of a botnet.

Here’s the good news: If you only use the official Google Play store (formerly the Android Market), you have nothing to worry about.

[via Sophos, Rovio]


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