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Six Screenshots for Notch’s Next, 0x10c

by Joey Davidson | April 12, 2012April 12, 2012 10:30 am PDT

This not quite hard sci-fi game is already looking extremely bizarre. We mean that in the best, nerdiest way possible.

The only thing, and I’ll be among the first to admit it, about 0x10c that has me hesitant is that it’s potentially way, way too smart for me. There’s in-game programming, all sorts of math-y/science-y stuff that I can barely wrap my head around and “lots of engineering.”

I know Notch, originally of Minecraft fame, has a penchant for making things as fun as possible, so there is hope for those not smart enough like myself. I assume his major goal in developing this title is to make it actually enjoyable for a wide player-base. While he might not be able to achieve the same success with 0x10c as he did with Minecraft, one would hope he’s aiming to please the same crowd.

Or, honestly, not. Minecraft fans have Minecraft. 0x10c can be completely different, and that’s okay. As more comes for the game, including future screenshots and the eventual in-game footage, we’ll have it. For now, dig the shots below.


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