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PSA: Free Starhawk DLC for Watching a Trailer

Starhawk is the PlayStation 3 exclusive successor to Warhawk, a third-person multiplayer extravaganza with sweet, sweet vehicle warfare. The new game from LightBox Interactive and Sony Santa Monica features more vehicles, action-RTS elements and, essentially, mechs.

I played the game a bit in beta form, it’s a ton of fun.

What’s this PSA all about? Sony and PlayStation are running a promotion for Facebook users in the United States. If you don’t meet either of those qualifications, then this one won’t work for you. Sorry about that, we know it’s super lame.

Head to the game’s special page on Facebook, allow it to access your profile, let the trailer load, watch it and then snag a code for free DLC. The DLC in question is a character skin. The video actually builds itself based on your Facebook activity. It introduces players in the game as the friends and family who interact with you on the social network.

It’s both neat and creepy.

We like promotions and took advantage of this one, but we hate the fact that it’s restricted to one country only. Again, sorry for the international folk out there. We know there are a ton of ya who would love to snag this stuff. If it becomes available for you, too, we’ll be sure to do a story.

[via Facebook]

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