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Google’s First Tablet Delayed Until July as it Strives to Lower Price Tag

Google Galaxy Nexus Tablet

Google was expected to make its first leap into the tablet market this May with a 7-inch Android-branded slate that hopes to compete with the $199 Amazon Kindle Fire. To give it the best possible chance, the Mountain View company has delayed the tablet until July so that it can tweak its hardware and lower its price tag, according to “sources close to the project.”

The slate, which is being developed in partnership with Asustek Computer (Asus), is currently priced at $249, according to The Verge. But Google is hoping to bring that down to around $200.

As things currently stand, the device is expected to feature an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor, a 7-inch display, and the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. However, it’s unclear which — or just how many — corners will be cut for Google to shed that $50. Could it be that the Tegra 3 chip is stripped out for a dual-core alternative?

Recent reports have suggested that Google may be looking to delay the device until well past July so that it can be launched with the next-generation Android “Jelly Bean” OS installed. “But that’s unlikely,” according to sources for The Verge.

It’s a shame we’ll have to wait an extra two months to feast our eyes on Google’s first tablet, but I think we can live with that if it means we’ll save $50 off its price tag. Don’t you?

Are you looking forward to a Google tablet?

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