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BlackBerry PlayBook With 4G Connectivity & BBM Appears in Leaked Images

4G BlackBerry PlayBook

The BlackBerry PlayBook was initially expected to launch with support for three 4G variants, including LTE, HSPA+ and WiMAX. but nearly a full 12 months after its debut and we still only have the Wi-Fi-only model. There are 4G PlayBooks out there, however, as these leaked images prove.

The device has “fallen into the hands” of theĀ CrackBerry forum user Fakedeadmau5, who uploaded a number of images showing the device’s “4G” label, its SIM card slot, and BlackBerry Messenger pre-installed.

The device is running a developer build of the PlayBook OS, which sports the build number The latest public build is version, and as you may have heard from disgruntled PlayBook owners, it still doesn’t feature BBM like this prototype model.

4G PlayBook BBM SIM Slot

At least if nothing else, this is proof that the elusive BBM app for the PlayBook exists, and that at some point RIM might get around to releasing it.

With regards to the device itself, however, it’s unlikely a first-generation PlayBook with 4G will ever make it to market now that the device is a year old. It seems more likely that RIM will hold onto this feature for a future PlayBook (if there is a future for the PlayBook).

Are you disappointed that you’re not the proud owner of a 4G PlayBook?

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