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EA Releases Content Unlocking DLC for Battlefield 3

It seems that EA has yet again given players the opportunity to skip over the task committing hours on end to unlock content in one of their titles. The Ultimate Shortcut Bundle DLC for Battlefield 3 will allow you to unlock just about everything in the mulitplayer portion of the game, ready for immediate use to give you the upper-hand.

The The Ultimate Shortcut Bundle will run you 3,200 Microsoft Points, or $40. There are also some lower tiered unlocks available for purchase including individual or all sets of vehicles and weapons. These downloads will range from around $7-$25. These prices are almost identical to that of the game’s predecessor: Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

The Ultimate Shortcut Bundle is exactly what its title says it is, a shortcut. It’s meant for the players who don’t typically put an aggressive amount of time into the game, but still enjoy it enough to want to see and experience all the game has to offer. Players could potentially miss out on an insane amount of content just because they don’t put as much time into the game as hardcore gamers. The Ultimate Shortcut Bundle sets out to put some balance to that.

Of course, not everyone is happy with EA’s decision on the release of this DLC. Although EA is known for providing purchasable shortcuts for their games, a large percentage of their fan-base will seemingly never be won over with this idea. The previously mentioned “hardcore gamers” feel like people are being rewarded for simply being bad at games. While they do have a valid point and concern, it’s quite honestly something they will have to deal with. EA will likely not ditch the content.

Love it or hate it, The Ultimate Shortcut Bundle is available now for Battlefield 3 on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Do you plan on investing in the bundle to get the upper-hand? Or do you feel like this is a form of cheating and players should earn their ranks?

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John Fick

A Buffalo, New York student studying journalism. Intern for TechnoBuffalo's Gaming department.