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FCC Outs LG LS831 as Sprint’s Next Windows Phone

Taking a look at Sprint’s smartphone roster, it’s pretty clear that the Now Network is running low on Windows Phone devices. In fact, the HTC Arrive is the only one it has ever launched. But an FCC filing suggests that the nation’s third largest carrier will soon be adding an additional metro-themed smartphone to its arsenal. Originally filled in October, it’s now known that the LG LS831 is a CDMA device sporting Sprint’s 800MHz EMSR band, which pretty much rules out LTE.

There has been much speculation that Sprint intends to hold off on releasing any new Windows Phone devices until the release of Windows Phone 8, also dubbed Apollo. This most likely explains why LG’s device made its way through the FCC almost six months ago and has yet to see a retail release. Aside from its last-gen network connection, the LG LS831 is said to carry a 5-megapixel camera, a front-facing camera and a microUSB port.

A few weeks back I received word that Sprint was developing a new LTE Windows Phone device powered by Qualcomm’s MSM8960 Snapdragon, with a fall release in mind. Perhaps Sprint’s game plan is to hold on to the LG LS831 and release it in tandem with the device currently in development. Whatever the case may be, we’re certain that Sprint’s lone Windows Phone, the HTC Arrive, needs some company.

[via: PhoneScoop]

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