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What Will They Think Of Next?: You Can Now “Friend” Your Clothes

These days, all sorts of businesses are trying to figure out how to integrate current tech-buzzy elements into other industries. Some are very good at it — like Coca Cola’s rather awesome social media initiatives, or local food trucks Tweeting their daily locations to a dedicated following. Others are spectacularly bad at it. (If I had a nickel for every time I heard about a hipster startup endeavoring to be “where art, music, fashion and technology intersect,” I’d have enough to start my own startup.)

Then there’s Soci@ble Apparel. Sure, this looks like a hipster startup operation too, and it does boast that oh-so-familiar trendy mission statement. But here’s a creative twist: It’s creating clothing that you can follow via social networking. Using Facebook and YouTube, the company gives customers the opportunity to learn more about a particular garment via micro-documentaries about the artists/designers and their conceptualization process, and each product will even have a dedicated QR code and webpage with more information.

I like this concept. I used to work for a retail magazine, and I know that — just as with tech users — many clothes shoppers want to know how their favorite designs are conceived or where their products come from. Instead of just making a blanket plea to “like” the company, Soci@ble Apparel figured out how to connect with people over their specific items, to imbue context and a human element to the stuff we use everyday.

After all, a T-shirt might just be a T-shirt to some, but not to the person who took the time and pains to create something special. They’re creating a story, and using social media, technology and fashion, they’re able to tell it to anyone who wants to hear it. Now that’s kind of cool.

For more info on Soci@ble Apparel, and its first collection, Tribut Apparel, you can hit it up here.

[via PRNewswire]

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