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OMGPOP CEO Takes Swings at Former Employee on Twitter

OMGPOP LogoOMGPOP, the studio behind Draw Something, was acquired by Zynga for around $200 million in the last two weeks. During that purchase, one OMGPOP employee decided to walk away from the company in order to keep making and supporting his own, independent games. That dev is Shay Pierce, and you can read his story now.

In the wake of the buy and the loss of Pierce, OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter took to Twitter in order to celebrate his team’s success; unfortunately, he did so while blasting Pierce.

The fine folks at VentureBeat‘s gaming section were kind enough to screenshot the few Tweets from OMGPOP’s CEO before he deleted them. Here are the words he wishes he could take back:

“The one OMGPOP employee who turned down joining Zynga was the weakest one on the whole team. Selfish people make bad games. Good riddance!”

“What’s so interesting about success is the number of failures who try try to ride on your back. Shay Pierce is just one of many….”

As we mentioned, those Tweets were deleted within hours of their initial posting. Porter has since replaced them with this:

“What I meant to say was… I want to celebrate the people who worked on the game. Who have stuck together. They are everything. Thank you.”

It’s easy to see which Tweets came under the guidance of a clear, well guided mind. Porter immediately caught backlash from the public sector that caught wind of his aggressive words against Pierce. Former fans have taken to uninstalling Draw Something and sharing the news with OMGPOP’s CEO.

Even respected gaming personalities have spoken up. Here’s Markus “Notch” Persson of Minecraft and Mojang fame to Porter:

“You’re an insane idiot.”

After VentureBeat ran their story, Porter wrote them an extensive note to share his perspective on the whole issue. In the note, Porter apologizes and asserts that he was essentially upset with Pierce for “grandstanding” and taking the spotlight away from the 41 individuals who actually worked on Draw Something. You can read the apology here.

[via GamesBeat]

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