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Nokia’s New Lumia 900 Ad Campaign Takes Aim at the iPhone

AT&T’s April 8th release date for the Lumia 900 is nearing and, in preparation for the multi-million dollar launch, Nokia may be building a new marketing site called the “Smartphone Beta Test.” The website is home to several anti-iPhone videos that are likely part of a future U.S. marketing campaign promoting the Lumia 900. Nokia’s marketing department took a found footage approach, with a series of clips featuring Chris Parnell from Saturday Night Live poking fun at several of the iPhone’s known issues, such as the “death grip” and its fragile glass design. The website also features an ominous countdown set to expire on April 6th, just two days before AT&T launches the Lumia 900. Nokia hasn’t yet admitted that it’s behind the site, but who else has the kind of cash to hire a B-list celebrity?

[via: WPCentral]

Mark Hearn

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