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HTC One X Vs. Apple iPhone 4S: A Breakdown of Specs

HTC One X vs iPhone 4S

HTC has taken the mobile world by storm over the past several years. It went from a device maker which sold carrier-branded phones to one of the most iconic smartphone makers in the market today. But the company seemingly lost its focus when it began releasing┬ámore phones than consumers could keep up with. Then the company announced changes were afoot, and now we have the One line and the flagship One X smartphone. Simply put, we absolutely love the device. It’s arguably the best product HTC has ever made and one of the top smartphones built by any company ever. The build quality is excellent, the quad-core Tegra 3 chip makes daily performance better than any Android phone we’ve ever used and the screen is absolutely incredible. That said, how does it compare to one of its biggest competitors, the iPhone 4S? We’ve made a handy chart pitting the two devices head-to-head, and now we ask: Which one is the winner for you?

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