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“Internal Apple Project” Focused on Developing iOS Gaming Controller


Apple’s new iPad has received nearly universal acclaim, but a recent review may have very well singled out what some users feel is one of the biggest iOS gaming flaws: the lack of a hardware gaming controller. Sure, the iPhone put smartphone gaming on the map – and there are third party options available, or the ability to play games using AirPlay — but with claims of the third-generation iPad rivaling that of today’s top consoles, many feel that Apple’s approach is still too casual to compete. In its recent review, AnandTech suggests that Apple may be developing a physical gamepad.

AnandTech reports that an “internal Apple project” is in the works that could possibly bring physical controllers to iOS devices. Word is that the device is currently under development, but there’s no guarantee that it will ever see the light of day. Several Android devices support multiple types of hardware controllers, however, so we’d be willing to bet that the folks from Cupertino won’t be taking such a competitive edge lying down.

[via: AnandTech]

Mark Hearn

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