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Google Drive to Let You Edit Documents On Mobile Devices, Offer 5GB of Free Storage

by Killian Bell | March 30, 2012March 30, 2012 3:00 am PST

Google Drive for Windows screenshot

Recent reports have claimed that Google Drive — an online storage service that is expected rival the likes of Dropbox — is set to launch in early April. According to a leaked screenshot that has surfaced today, all users will receive 5GB of storage for free as standard, and they’ll have the ability to view and edit documents on their mobile devices with a Google Drive app.

Obtained by Talk Android, the screenshot appears to have been taken from the Google Drive for Windows download page, where Google has listed some of the service’s features:

All your files — everywhere
Put files in Google Drive and your can access them on your desktop, mobile phone or tablet, and

Always up to date
Make changes to a file in one place and it automatically updates everywhere.

5GB of free space
You get 5GB from the start, and you can upgrade to get more space at any time.

The service seems to be almost identical to Dropbox, in that it allows you to store your documents in the cloud and then access them from anywhere using an Internet-connected device. When you make changes and updates, they automatically roll out to each of your devices.

However, that 5GB of free space is 3GB more than Dropbox offers as standard, and could be enough to persuade most users to switch.

Although the service hasn’t yet been announced, Google has already begun updating its support pages, referencing its Google Drive Android app:

Editing documents in the Google Drive Android app requires ongoing syncs to update your documents, which can increase your bandwidth usage. Keep this in mind if you have a limited data plan with your mobile provider.

There’s no mention of an iOS app — or any other platform, in fact — but it’s likely there will be Google Drive apps for most platforms if the service really intends to compete with its rivals.

This screenshot, along with mentions of Google Drive on the company’s support pages, suggests that the service is indeed ready to go live very soon.

Are you looking forward to Google Drive?

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