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Droid Incredible 4G Hinted at in Leaked Verizon Document

by Sean P. Aune | March 30, 2012March 30, 2012 10:30 am PST

Droid Incredible 4G leak

While the HTC Droid Incredible 4G has still yet to be officially announced, it isn’t stopping Verizon from discussing it internally.

A new image appeared today that was sent to AndroidCentral by an anonymous tipster of an internal Verizon document that refers to the HTC Droid Incredible 4G.  It even goes so far as to give it the model number of “ADR6410,” but that’s where the information comes to a screeching halt.  The rest of the document goes on in great detail about “MAP” (minimum advertised price) policies, but makes no other mention of the phone.

We’ve been seeing the Droid Incredible 4G pop-up here and there, and even a benchmark test took place earlier this month.  The only potential release date we’ve heard has it landing in late April, but beyond that there has been no concrete evidence on this phone yet.

We’ll keep you posted as more information rolls in.

[via AndroidCentral]

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