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Sony Pictures Confirms it Will Bring UltraViolet Discs to the U.K.

by Killian Bell | March 28, 2012March 28, 2012 5:37 am PDT

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Sony Pictures has confirmed today that it is gearing up to bring UltraViolet discs to the U.K., allowing British movies buffs to watch their content seamlessly on all sorts of internet-connected devices, as well as their televisions.

When you purchase an UltraViolet disc, a digital copy of the movie is also sent to a locker in the cloud. This allows you to connect to your library from an internet-connected device, such as a smartphone or tablet, and stream your films instantly to wherever you may be.

It goes without saying, then, that UltraViolet movies are great news for those in the U.K., and, of course, those in other countries there the feature is already available. Liz Bales, Director-General of UK copyright education body, the Industry Trust for IP Awareness, agrees:

“Sony’s announcement is fantastic news for UK film fans, the vast majority of whom are ready and very willing to pay for legal film, TV and video online and are looking for the industry to provide them with convenient, value-for-money services. UltraViolet offers this and more.

“It enables film fans to enjoy their content on their own terms, with the chance to move seamlessly between disc and digital formats.”

The first UltraViolet films from Sony will be Jack & Jill, The Vow, and 21 Jump Street, which will begin hitting stores in June.

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