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Nikon D800: Not Perfect After All

by Nico Mojica | March 28, 2012March 28, 2012 4:00 pm PST

Only a week after the initial batch of Nikon D800 bodies have been shipped out, users are starting to report several issues with the camera. The full-frame model that looked almost perfect on paper is now showing us its flaws.

Nikon D800 Green Cast Issue

The most widely reported issue is a problem with the display of the Nikon D800. Many copies of the camera are showing a green cast on the LCD. The image shown is therefore not a true depiction of what the photo actually looks like. This discoloration does not affect the actual file, but could pose a problem to those who are unaware of this and think that the issue is affecting their photos. There is a setting in the camera will allow the user to adjust the color to accurately show what is being taken, but this really is not something you should have to do to get a camera working properly straight out the the box.

There is also an issue when using the Commander function on the D800. The Commander setting is used to trigger remote flashes using the D800s pop-up flash. It is a function I used all the time when I was a Nikon user, and one of the reasons I am happy that Nikon decided to keep a pop-up flash on the Nikon D800. Sadly, the Commander function on the D800 does not seem to be working flawlessly for all. Many users have had success when using a single flash, but have been receiving mixed results when using multiple flashes.

Another issue with the D800 is CF card compatibility. Apparently, the Nikon D800 is not compatible with a lot of older CF cards. Many people who are using CF cards that work on their older camera bodies are reporting this problem, thinking it is a camera problem. Technically, this is not a major issue because CF card compatibility is written in the D800’s manual, but it is something that should have at least been mentioned when the camera was announced.

That is all of the bad news. The good news is that a lot of these flaws are easily remedied with a firmware update from Nikon. Issues like these are not uncommon with new products, but it is something people hope they do not have to deal with. Let’s hope they get an update out before too many people end up returning their D800s.

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