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iPad 3 Heat Frying Your Fingers? Here’s Help

by Adriana Lee | March 23, 2012March 23, 2012 7:00 pm PDT

Lately, there has been quite a dust-up over the latest iPad’s finger-frying temps. Indeed, I find the action on Apple’s third-generation tablet to be pretty scorching myself, and I’m not alone. Just a few days ago, Todd, our resident mobile guru, reported on Consumer Report’s findings that this device hits 116 gobsmacking degrees. Yikes!

Apple’s response? Well, I’m paraphrasing here, but basically the gist is: “What did you expect? You clamored for LTE, a faster processor and a Retina Display, but you wanted it with no hit to battery life. And we delivered, so stop being cry babies. Even though the heat might cook your hands, we at least made sure that it won’t damage the device… which, we can all agree, is really the most important thing. Right?”

Uh, okay. While it doesn’t mean the company won’t try to ease the temperature situation somewhat — perhaps some sort of software patch down the road — there seems to be little users can do about it right now. Or is there?

One suggestion that keeps popping up on messageboards and other places is so stupid-simple, it’s actually stunning. I tried it myself, on a Wifi iPad 32GB — that’s right, there isn’t even LTE on this thing, and it still got toasty — and the difference really was noticeable.

The tip? Run the battery down. Yes, all the way. Then charge back up and use as usual.

In general, this is good advice for mobile gadgets to prolong battery life, but in this case, it can tame these fires down to at least a manageable level. What’s probably happening is some sort of power cycling or reset of software or PRAM (Parameter Random Access Memory). Whatever the case, some users (though notably, not all) have reported good results with this.

So give it a shot, especially if you use your iPad for prolonged periods and/or tend to recharge before the battery’s completely drained. Then report back and let us know if it made a difference for you or not.

Got another tip to share? Drop your comments below!

[image via GSM Arena]

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