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Google Play Could Soon Be Selling You Movies

Google Play movies

If you’re an Android user, Google Play is now your one-stop shop for applications, books, music, and movie rentals. And according to a number of sources, it’ll soon be offering movies that you can download to own.

According to a CNET report, multiple film industry sources are claiming that Google has “shown an interest” in giving Android users the option to purchase flicks as well as rent them. One of the reasons behind the move, the sources said, is that some of the major Hollywood studios have forced Google to commit to sales to retain its rights for movie rentals.

One of the insiders claims that movie sales could arrive as early as this summer.

If that does turn out to be the case, CNET notes that the move wouldn’t exactly be huge for either Google or the movie studios, because not that many people watch movies on Android devices to begin with:

If Google decides to sell films, it would only be an incremental move for both the studios and Google Play. The sources I spoke with said that Android’s tremendous user adoption could make the company a powerful film retailer — someday. Right now, movie sales on Android devices are tiny, said the sources. One of the hurdles Google faces is that the market for watching movies on mobile devices isn’t large to begin with and Google doesn’t offer an easy way to transfer films purchased on handhelds to television sets.

If Google does make it easier for Android users to transfer purchased content to other devices, couple that with DLNA that features on the latest handsets — allowing users to stream content to TVs and other devices wirelessly — and movie sales could turn out to be quite popular.

Would you purchase movies from Google Play?

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