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Facebook Threatens Legal Action Against Employers Who Request Logins

Remember the news about some employers and universities who make candidates submit to a social media review? Well, apparently it has caused a stink with none other than Facebook itself.

The blue-hued social giant is reportedly considering taking legal action against organizations that are asking people for their logins. Facebook issued a statement saying this policy not only pokes holes in the “privacy expectations and the security of both the user and the user’s friends,” but if it continues, there could be “unanticipated legal liability” for those who adopt it. Then the social network pointed to a particular section of its Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, which states that sharing or soliciting passwords is a violation of its terms.

The company also made another good point: If a person is part of groups that identify his or her religious, political or sexual orientations, organizations could be vulnerable to accusations of discrimination for rejections based on social network profiling.

Whether that’s true or not probably doesn’t worry Facebook too much. What it is concerned about, though, is protecting the userbase. To that end, it has said it’s willing to take legal action, and even as far as “shutting down applications that abuse their privileges.”

Your move, employers.

Have you ever had to submit to a social media review to apply for a job or college? Were you upset by the experience, or was it no big deal for you? Share your experiences below.

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