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Netflix App Gets Retina Artwork for New iPad, HD Video Coming Soon

New Netflix UI on iPad

Netflix has updated its hugely popular video streaming application for iOS this week, introducing high-resolution icons and images that look terrific on the new iPad’s Retina display. But don’t expect that quality to continue throughout. As soon as you begin playing a movie or TV show, your eyes will be subjected to the horror that is standard-definition video.

I’m joking, of course. Even without HD video, Netflix content always seems to look great on the iPad. But it’s not quite as crisp as it could be — at least not on Apple’s latest tablet. Thankfully, however, Netflix promises that high-definition video is on its way.

In a message posted to Twitter, the company wrote:

“The @Netflix iPad App now has high resolution icons and images, enhancing Netflix on the new iPad, HD video to follow later. Enjoy!”

Unfortunately, the company didn’t suggest when exactly HD video would arrive on the iPad, but we wouldn’t be surprised if you see it in the next iOS update. This is sure to disappoint Netflix subscribers with certain Android-powered tablets, which have had the ability to play HD video for some time, but are yet to get it.

Are you looking forward to HD video from Netflix?

[via Cult of Mac]

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