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Yet Another Leaked Image of the Galaxy S III Surfaces, Supporting Previous Leak

Second two-tone Galaxy S III

Remember that two-tone Galaxy S III that popped up in a leaked image last week? Well, exactly the same handset has appeared again, this time on the Dutch website GSM Helpdesk. It sports the same white design, complimented by a black bezel, and a super slim form factor housing an (almost) edge-to-edge display.

Not only does the handset look exactly the same as the last one we’ve already seen, but it also displays the same date — May 22 — on its home screen, with a calendar even that reads: “Watch a Live Broadcast of the GALAXY S III Unpacked Event.”

This was believed to be the date that the Galaxy S III would make its debut in London, but a report that has been circulating this morning, citing Samsung China’s president, Kim Young-Ho, claims that the release date has now been brought forward to April.

Many dismissed the previous leak as a fake, but with the support of a second image, it’s looking increasingly likes that this is indeed the Galaxy S III’s new design. (Or at least its initial one; Samsung is bound to release a number of these over the next year, as it has done with the Galaxy S II, all sporting different designs.)

What do you think of this look for the Samsung Galaxy S III?

[via The Verge]

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