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Vodafone U.K. Issues Preparatory Update That ‘Optimizes’ Galaxy S II for ICS

Samsung Galaxy S II

Vodafone U.K. has teased Galaxy S II owners today with a preparatory update that claims to “optimize” their smartphones for the upcoming Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade, which is expected to begin its rollout on March 19.

It’s unclear at this point what today’s update does exactly for the handset: It adds no new features or improvements, or anything that’s noticeable from the front end, it seems. But if you’re planning to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich when it does become available — and who isn’t? — then it’s recommended that you install it.

The full Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade, Vodafone reports, is still in testing right now while final testing is completed. As soon as it’s ready, the update will be pushed to the servers and made available to the public:

The Android 4.0 upgrade for GALAXY S II smartphones running on the Vodafone UK network is currently under test to make sure that we provide the highest level of final software.

As soon as the tests are completed we will upload the software to the update servers as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, many Android users signed up to Three are already enjoying Ice Cream Sandwich, which began hitting the Galaxy S II yesterday.

Have you noticed any changes to your device after installing Vodafone’s preparatory update? And are you excited for Ice Cream Sandwich’s public release?

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