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Report: Zynga Buys Draw Something Dev for $200 Million

Word has it that Zynga, the large company with a penchant for either buying up small developers or recreating their games under a new name, has purchased the studio behind Draw Something. Zynga has scheduled a call for 3:00pm EST with press to make the announcement, according to the report

This story comes from All Things Digital. As the headline of this post runs, the mega company Zynga gobbled up OMGPOP for the price of $200 million. In rumors regarding this potential buyout, some writers had the value of OMGPOP around $130 million; clearly, Zynga thought more of the little company and its blockbuster app.

As we talked about when we first covered the rumor of this purchase, Draw Something is both exceptionally successful and awfully flawed. Both the free and paid versions of the game sit atop the virtual marketplaces for major smartphone OSs. That comes despite the game facing frequent crash issues and a lack of what most users would consider standard features; leaderboards, chat, archives, etc.

The app was a hit almost overnight. It released at the onset of 2012 without much fanfare at all as OMGPOP’s record of games isn’t exactly glamorous. Now, speaking as an editor of this site, the game is everywhere. The staff  talk about it more often than we should in the company’s chat room and offices. We’re such nerds.

If more news comes from this supposed buyout, we’ll be on it.

[via All Things Digital]

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