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Consumer Reports: New iPad Hits 116 Degrees During Gameplay, 13 Degrees Hotter Than iPad 2

by Todd Haselton | March 20, 2012March 20, 2012 1:00 pm PDT

Hot iPad

Consumer Reports has released its new iPad thermal tests as promised. The watchdog group found that Apple’s new iPad heated up to 116 degrees fahrenheit while playing games, 13 degrees hotter than the iPad 2 during the same tests.

Unlike antennagate, during which Consumer Reports disagreed with Apple’s statements that there wasn’t anything wrong with the iPhone 4 antenna, it appears the group is on the same page as Apple this time. “During our tests, I held the new iPad in my hands,” Donna L. Tapellini of Consumer Reports said. “When it was at its hottest, it felt very warm but not especially uncomfortable for a brief period.”

Apple issued a similar statement this morning that informed worried customers that nothing was wrong with the tablet. “The new iPad delivers a stunning Retina display, A5X chip, support for 4G LTE plus 10 hours of battery life, all while operating well within our thermal specifications,” Apple said in a statement Tuesday morning.“If customers have any concerns they should contact AppleCare.”

Consumer Reports also found that the new iPad 2 did not charge while a game was being played, even though the tablet was plugged in.

[via Consumer Reports]

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