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Proof That You’re an Apple Fanboi: Owning a Steve Jobs Plushy

by Adriana Lee | March 16, 2012March 16, 2012 7:00 pm PST

Today might be tough for those who live and breath Apple, but weren’t able to get their hands on a new iPad. Take heart, fankids: You can still prove your i-Obsession by cuddling up to squeezably soft likeness of the company’s legendary chief.

Not sure if Throwboy’s iCEO is a humorous take on i-devotion, or a tacky trinket that pushes the limits of classlessness. (Maybe it’s both.) Either way, the plush doll itself is pretty adorable and definitely a unique show of devotion. The 15-inch doll comes rocking eyeglasses, jeans-sneakers-black turtleneck combo, and that sly grin we’re all too familiar with. Of course, the iCEO doesn’t actually mention Steve Jobs anywhere on the packaging, likely to avoid litigation, but you’d have to be blind not to get the connection.

Well, at least it’s not all in bad taste — $6 of each $60 purchase gets donated to the American Cancer Society. If you’re interested in this, you’ll want to get a move on to pre-order: Come August, only 1,200 will ship in this limited edition offering.

Wonder if iCEO will make it into the annals of tech fandom, along with all those stuffed Androids out there. Now Microsoft just needs an iconic Windows 8 spokesperson (or robot) to get the plushy treatment, to make for a decent set.

[via ChipChick, source Throwboy]

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