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At-a-Glance: How the New iPad Stacks Up Against its Competition

New iPad vs. Competiton

The new iPad has arrived, and somewhere out there, in the shadow of Apple’s growing profile, lies the competition. Competition that, quite frankly, has been unable to challenge the iPad’s dominance. Some are comparable in specs, like the Transformer Prime, while some are not, like the 7-inch Kindle Fire. Apple has introduced a “Resolutionary” upgrade this go around highlighted by an incredibly beautiful Retina display.┬áBut is that enough to persuade Android fans? Who knows? When making your decision on what tablet to buy, it largely depends on the user experience, and not specs alone. What OS is right for you? Which OS has the bigger ecosystem? (hint: Apple, but Android is growing by the day). Whichever you go with, here is a roundup of the new iPad compared to the other guys.

New iPad vs. Transformer Prime

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New iPad vs. iPad 2

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New iPad vs. Kindle Fire

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