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Walmart Announces Digital Copy Upgrade Service for DVDs

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If you’re itching to convert all of your movies from physical media to digital copies, start heading out to your nearby Walmart stores.

Walmart announced today that starting April 16 that you will be able to head into more 3,500 stores and purchase a digital copy of your film you already own on DVD. The deal will cover films from Universal, Paramount, Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures and Fox, and will run you $2 for standard definition and $5 if you want them in HD.

As we had previously learned these will indeed use the UltraViolet technology, but what is new is they will be streaming through Walmart’s own service, Vudu.  When you take a disc into the stores the employees will examine them to make sure they aren’t rental copies, and then will put an ink stamp on the center ring to keep you from passing them on to friends so that they can’t in turn use them to purchase their own cheap digital copies.

At the time of launch, the service is expected to have a catalog of several thousand films with an estimated 650 to 700 from Universal, and around 360 from 20th Century Fox.

[via The Wall Street Journal]

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