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Star Wars: The Old Republic Free to Play this Weekend

by Joey Davidson | March 13, 2012March 13, 2012 10:00 pm PST

Fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic have been excited by the news of the incoming 1.2 update for nearly a week now. It’s set to bring the MMO a slew of new features (many of which most suggest should have launched with the game, instead of months later) to EA and BioWare’s currently successful entry into the MMORPG market.

As part of celebrating the brand new content, EA and BioWare are extending the olive branch of freeness and offering a free weekend of play to anyone who wants to partake. You won’t need to enter any billing information or sign up for any subscriptions of any kind. You’ll simply head to when the event launches and revel in the glory that can be flashpoints and space-aged loot.

Here’s what you can expect for timing of this event:

Access to the Weekend Pass Free Trial is limited – Come back beginning Thursday, March 15 at 12:01AM CT to download the game and to be one of the first to start your Weekend Pass Free Trial!

BioWare warns that snagging the game will take several hours. They’re not kidding. I picked it up a month or two after launch and spent 2 hours over a wired connection in order to download the title. I heard from players active during launch that the downloads took even longer. So, if you’re looking to get in as soon as possible, you’ll want to pop onto the site near its opening.

The free weekend will end during the wee hours of Monday morning. You can hit max level by then, right? The gauntlet has been thrown.

Are any of the herd currently enjoying BioWare’s attempt at MMO gaming? What do you think of SWTOR and what it offers the genre?


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