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Carrier Pre-Orders for Galaxy S III Set a Record, Ceramic Body Confirmed, Insider Says

Galaxy S III

Mobile industry insider Eldar Murtazin said Tuesday that Samsung has officially finalized the design for the Galaxy S III. As earlier reports have suggested, Murtazin also said Samsung settled on a ceramic industrial build for the device.

More importantly, however, Murtazin also claims Samsung received a record number of pre-orders from retailers and wireless carriers for the Galaxy S III — more than any other Galaxy device to date. That’s pretty stunning, considering that the Galaxy S II was Samsung’s fastest selling handset ever.

Early rumors have suggested that the Galaxy S III will be equipped with a quad-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz, a 1080p HD display and support for 4G LTE networks. It’s also expected to run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Just last week, Samsung filed trademarks for the “Galaxy Emerge,” “Galaxy Stellar” and “Galaxy Halo,” which could very well be the names used for the Galaxy S III on various U.S. carriers when the phone makes its debut.

But, its launch date still remains a question. Samsung recently denied rumors that the phone will launch in April — so perhaps we’ll hear an announcement in the early summer.

[via Eldar Murtazin]

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