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Battlefield 3 DLC “Close Quarters” Gets Trailer

Battlefield 3 is officially getting more extra content later this year. The trailer above was released by EA and DICE to highlight a little bit of what gamers can expect when Close Quarts drops for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms early this summer.

Aside from Back to Karkand, the first DLC pack to release for Battlefield 3, DICE hasn’t done much in the way of extra content for this popular shooter. They roll out tweaks and patches at a good clip, but the additions of maps, vehicles and weaponry haven’t happened enough for most fans.

Joystiq actually had a chance to speak with a developer from DICE regarding the amount of time between content drops for Battlefield 3. DICE GM Karl-Magnus Troedsson talked to the gaming blog at GDC. Here’s what he said when asked what’s taking so long:

“The reason that we haven’t followed up with even more content more quickly, there’s a couple of practical reasons…Part of that is that we just need to spend a lot of focus getting the game out. The ambition was to get more packs out earlier, but sometimes you have to prioritize between the base product and what you’re doing afterwards.”

Troedsson went on to suggest that piecemealing content together, like what’s being done with Call of Duty, wasn’t okay for DICE. Instead, DICE is releasing DLC based on themes like, wait for it, close quarter combat.

Finally, as the trailer denotes during the closing seconds, the Close Quarters pack will be available on the PlayStation 3 one week before other platforms. Much like Activision’s deal with Microsoft that brings Call of Duty content to the Xbox 360 one month before other platforms, EA has a deal with Sony that locks down limited exclusivity with Battlefield 3.

Close Quarters will be available for all platforms during this upcoming June.

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