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Apple Submits More Detailed Images of New Campus to Cupertino

by Sean P. Aune | March 11, 2012March 11, 2012 6:00 am PST

Apple has submitted more detailed plans for its upcoming campus to the city of Cupertino, showing off more of its proposed space ship office building.

Last June, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs went before the Cupertino City Council to discuss a new office campus that his company wanted permission to build.  Not surprisingly, the city didn’t put up much of a fight to the concept, and construction is set to begin this year with the grand opening sometime in 2015.

As work progresses, more detailed schematics of the building have to be presented to the city for review, and the City Council on Friday released the latest batch to the public.  The first one you see at the top of this post is for the heating and cooling systems that will run throughout the roof of the building.  If I didn’t know better, I’d swear Apple just lifted some images from a Star Trek Technical Manual and submitted them.

The next one is more of the roof design.

This one shows you a cross section of what part of the ring will look like and gives us the first good idea of the sub-levels as the building will only rise four stories above ground.

As Apple is really trying to stress how little environmental impact the building will have on its surroundings, this cress section shows off the elevation along with just how much will be happening underneath.

There’s a lot of sub-structure going into this project to be sure.

Power generation will be a big theme as the campus with plans for fuel cells and solar panels like the ones you see here.

Making sure the building won’t be an eye-sore to residents, the next three show off the plans for how the building will look to those driving by.

And finally, a reminder of what the plan is for the overall campus should look from an aerial perspective.

As building plans go, this is looking pretty interesting, but since it’s doubtful many outsiders will ever see it, who knows if we’ll ever know just how successfully they pull it off.

[via Apple Insider]

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