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Windows Mobile Marketplace Will Be Axed on May 9

Windows Mobile Marketplace icon featured

If you’re still rocking a smartphone running the Windows Mobile operating system, then Microsoft has just given you a huge reason to upgrade to Windows Phone: It will be axing the Windows Mobile Marketplace on May 9.

Launched over two years ago, the Windows Mobile Marketplace allowed users to access a whole host of third-party applications for their Windows Mobile 6 powered devices. But in less than two months, that functionality will be gone. Microsoft has begun emailing Windows Mobile users to let them know.

Any applications and games you’ve already acquired from the service will continue to work after May 9, but you won’t be able to purchase any new ones, and you’ll┬áno longer receive any updates for your existing software. If you’ve been meaning to purchase any new software recently, now’s the time to do it, then.

Microsoft does note that software may still be available directly from developers, or third-party marketplaces.

If you’re one of the few still carrying a Windows Mobile handset, this is a great reason to upgrade to a Windows Phone device. Will it encourage you to make the switch?

[via TechCrunch]

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