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RIM Hopes College Humor Duo Will Breathe Life Into Struggling Company

College Humor logoFor all you BlackBerry naysayers out there – and this is not a joke – Research in Motion is tapping popular website College Humor to “shut down BlackBerry trash talk once and for all.” Really now? According to Yahoo! News, the Waterloo-based company has hired Streeter Seidell and Amir Blumenfeld as part of the company’s “New 2012 Challenge Council Project.” For a company whose marketshare is taking a dive amongst not only consumers, but enterprise customers as well, I guess the next logical step is targeting fraternity brothers.

RIM hasn’t shared what exactly the College Humor duo will do, but the company is urging folks to “sign up to be the first to know when these guys start putting BlackBerry naysayers on blast.” Wouldn’t getting BlackBerry 10 to market detract the naysayers more effectively?

Ok, we’re being a bit cynical here. The BlackBerry maker did deliver on its promise by releasing PlayBook OS 2.0 in February, and we definitely liked getting back on the PlayBook saddle. But it’s not the marketing that’s caused RIM to take a nosedive; it’s the lack of innovation in the face of iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The company can market to a younger audience all it wants, but the fact remains that it’s still well behind with releasing products the majority of people actually want to use.

Compounding RIM’s marketing approach is the fact that it’s “Be Bold” campaign was essentially a bust, while the company confused the entire Internet with a survey it conducted over New Year’s that resulted in a cartoon super-hero infographic.

Former RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis once claimed people “won’t buy an iPhone because it doesn’t have a battery as good as a BlackBerry,” according to Yahoo! News. People are buying iPhones. Millions of them. New RIM CEO Thorsten Heins will need to figure out a way to bring attention back to the BlackBerry maker, but I’m not so sure College Humor is the answer.

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