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New Google Search App Arrives on Windows Phone With Voice Search, Autocomplete, More

Google Search for Windows PhoneGoogle has released an update for its Google Search application for Windows Phone devices that introduces a number of handy new features promising to provide you with faster searches and better results. But is it any good?

Like Google’s Search apps for Android and iOS, the Windows Phone release now allows you to make super speedy web searches using only your voice. If you prefer to type, then you’ll be pleased to see that the Google Instant and Autocomplete features — which will be familiar to anyone who’s used Google search within a web browsers recently — are also present.

Finally, the new Google app supports location-based searching, allowing you to find places nearby using your device’s built-in GPS, and negating the need to type in your location manually.

These all sound like great new features, but Windows Phone users seem less than pleased with the latest update. Initial reviews in the Windows Phone Marketplace complain about the app’s broken image search tool and its slow performance. Many are also unhappy that the app is simply a wrapper for Google’s mobile web app, and that it doesn’t take Windows Phone’s Metro design into consideration.

The new Google app isn’t showing up on the HTC TITAN I have here, so unfortunately I can’t comment on its new features. Have you had chance to try it yet? What do you think of it?

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