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BioShock Infinite Has You Fight Mechanized George Washington

We’re not complaining. These “heavy hitters” are called “Motorized Patriots,” and, as Ken Levine explains in the video above, they’re meant to present gamers with new challenges in combat.

I loved the original BioShock; however, towards the end of the game’s campaign, combat started to feel exceptionally familiar. By the time I was rounding out my experience, I had perfectly upgraded my abilities to the point that fighting splicers and big daddies was an act of habit. The game still had my adoration, but the once incredible combat slowly wore down to expected and familiar.

If these new heavy hitters can provide a constantly changing, dynamic sense of challenge throughout the plot of BioShock Infinite, then maybe some of that combat familiarity will be augmented enough to remain consistently enjoyable.

Beating the Motorized Patriots will give you access to a unique gun. It’s a gun that, apparently, won’t be accessible by any other means than defeating these aggressive bots. Sort of makes you want to do battle with the ever-honest George Washington, doesn’t it?

Irrational Games’ BioShock Infinite is set to release for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms on October 16th, 2012 in North America. The worldwide launch date is currently scheduled to come on October 19th. Irrational also has a completely separate BioShock title in the early stages of development for the PlayStation Vita.

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