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iOS 5.1 Rolls Out, Brings New Camera Shortcut and “4G” AT&T Indicator

iOS 5.1 updateLike we mentioned earlier, Apple officially announced (more like glossed over) iOS 5.1, which is currently rolling out now. In the run up to today’s new iPad excitement, there was a surplus of code leaks and pictures of the OS in action, so here’s what we already knew: Siri Japanese language support and an easier way to access the camera from the lock screen.

What we didn’t know, per a report from Tuesday, was what those two elusive “secret features” were that hadn’t been leaked. Well, Apple’s let the cat out of the bag, and… there’s not much to report. Seriously. Aside from easier camera access, probably the coolest feature is the ability to delete individual photos from Photo Stream, a feature many people asked for. Other than that, Apple addressed the obligatory issues and bug fixes.

For those AT&T folks out there, the new update reflects the new iPad’s LTE capabilities with a 4G icon. I suspect this will foreshadow the very same LTE capabilities to come in Apple’s next iPhone. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, because it also says 4G on our iPhone, which is more “4G” and not AT&T’s faster 4G LTE network.

Other features include a redesigned Camera app for iPad, Genius Mixes and Genius playlists for iTunes Match users and a fix for an issue that was affecting audio during outgoing calls.

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