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3 Out of 4 Students Don’t Google Effectively, Here’s Help (infographic)

by Adriana Lee | March 7, 2012March 7, 2012 11:00 pm PST

Not since the snarkariffic “Let me google that for you” hit the scene has there been a Google-centric tool this handy.

We all use search engines, often multiple times daily, but did you know that three out of four students don’t know how to conduct a well-executed Google search? It’s just shocking, really. Is it because too many of them get distracted watching YouTube videos (or looking for porn)? Whatever the case, HackCollege addressed the lack of Google search education with the following infographic.

The usefulness of this isn’t just limited to students. There are some helpful nuggets in here for Googlers of all types (though, if you’re a PC user, you might have to convert some of the shortcuts to Windows-friendly keystrokes).

Take a peep and let us know if you found something new in here, or if you already knew these tips. And if you’ve got another helpful morsel that’s not listed, add it in the comments below.

[via DVICE, source HackCollege]

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